Sunday, January 31, 2010

Hello Update.

I've been MIA-ing for quite some time.
I'm sick + Busy
But luckily i've recovered now =)

The champion-est things i did during that sick period was
i went shoes shopping (with fever-ish feelings)

say hello *shy*

My "barbie shoes" 
I got this at a fraction of its price =)

Anyways i heard the bed calling already
toodles =)


Sweeli ❤ said...

<3 your vivien westwood heels! Bought it online? Haha. I never got myself a pair. :(

ainee cumi2 said...

hei i love that plastic shoes..
hari tu i igt nak beli sebab murah sangat and so cute when i wear it tapi tak ada duit pula..