Friday, April 23, 2010

Judgement day.

*waves frantically*
I'm backk.. 
well actually earlier than i thought i would update.
Usually i'll disappear for  a couple of days after exam before i start updating again.
My last paper starts at 9am.
My mood now jumping up and down in excitement and also in "LUT"ness 
 "LUT" is the combination of scared and nervous.
(my vocab is vv bad lah i couldnt think what is the combination of both feelings called in english! =.=')
I've been up since 4am.
I had to sleep in early yesterday cause i couldnt concentrate at all. FML!
So now i'm dead nervous. Argh.
Wish me luck peeps. Hopefully  i'll survive.
I think the girls are planning for another Sleepless Night tonight. =)
I'll prolly head back to Ipoh either tmr or Sunday.
Toodles peeps!

(p/s: You'll prolly see me happily shopping in one of the malls in Penang today after 12pm. Muahahahaha)



Happy Holidays!enjoy yo~
i still have 4 papers to go..haiz..

Ames said...

Thankssss haha gambateh bah!