Wednesday, June 30, 2010


To those of you who thinks that i'm still skinny
please bring along the weighing machine 
and you shall learn about the truth that i've gained 5kg 
since last year... =.='
*please be reminded that each attempt will cost you 5bucks*

anyways i'm dumbfounded by the truth that i'm indeed gained a few extra kgs..
must be that eat+sleep routine of mine..
aiks.. i miss my thin self.
I'm not exactly the most athletic person but i'm working out everyday for full 7 days.
Anyways wish me luck peeps!
I wanna get legs like isabelle's =D
or maybe snsd lookalike bod =DDD
gtg do some sit ups!
bye Internet .

1 comment:

Zwei said...

gaining weight is good. :) but you didn't change much physically right? don't worry dear, snsd legs are nearer to you than many other people! :P