Saturday, July 10, 2010

Haven pack yet :S

I've been logging in and out of blogger.
Once logged in..
i'm stuck at this blank page..
I'm super phail!

Sunday I'm gonna have to bid goodbye to home and say hello to USM once again.
I'm praying hard that i'll get back my previous roomies.. 
My roomies are so much fun =D

Gawd... I used to gym with yy..
now i'm gym-ing alone.

random photos ahead!


after gym dinner


Last day of gym-ing together was hardcore.. 
we reached at 12.. then gym till 4
4-6 karaoke session. very very random.. just the both of us =)
then 6.30 pilates class..

coldness grrr...

i put this smaller cause it looks better this wayy.. pffftt 


Ainee Cumi said...

u pergi gym dekat mana babe??

haishh tak ada jodoh i dengan u and yin yee bulan ni...i bz gila!

Zwei said...

your after gym dinner looks very yummy leh... *envy* :P

Ames said...

ainee: yes ... y so busy!! ppl free u tarak free..aiks..Nvm we'll meet during hari raya!

Szewei: yesyes it's seafood soup rice!