Thursday, September 23, 2010


I'm super lazy.
the exam timetable is out but i'm not the least bit excited about anything.
cause i got an 11 days gap between 2 papers.
gotta think how to spend my time here while my roomies are already holiday-ing back in their respective hometowns.

The weather is so nice
and i'm so tempted to sleep.
One of my English classmate told me ..
"She used to have a room mate studying polymer too
and she sleeps all the time and that makes me hate her.
I'm like so busy and all she does is sleeping."
*shifty eyes*

Raya week was GGreat!
Love and i headed to Ainee's House for open house.
We had a bawling good time in her house.
Not to mention nice food too =)
Thanks for having us!
Love u babe =)

She broke the news to us that she's getting married next year .
In amidst of all the excitement, i insist that she must invite me to her wedding.
else i'll invite myself !

Gotta finish my assignment and then crawl to bed.

**Upcoming post: Iphone 4 war! 


Ainee Cumi said...

Heheheh! Malu lorhhh saya. U & AMES ARE THE MUST HAVE GUESTS IN MY WEDD OK!

Babe, the laksa making me hungry lahh.. I ganti puasa today

Ames said...

hohoho yesyes ! =) we're honoured to be invited =)