Monday, September 27, 2010

Iphone wars.

Digi Iphone Plan

Maxis Iphone Plan

By looking at the plans, Digi's Monthly subscription fee is significantly cheaper than Maxis.

But the amount in total that you have to pay is almost the same.

Digi : RM63(without autobilling) x 24months = RM1512

Plan RM1512 + Phone 16gb RM2090 = RM3602

Maxis: RM100 x 24months = RM2400

Plan RM2400 + Phone 16gb RM1390 =3790

Difference of RM188


Digi: Upfront payment of RM2090 then you will recieve a bill from Digi every month for the monthly fee payment.
Maxis: RM1390 + RM400 upfront payment (depending on the which iValue plan) = RM1790

Digi: No extra charges after monthly charges of 1Gb.Therefore no bill shock
Maxis: The difference of RM188 gets you extra 133mins talk time every month.

Digi: Bonds you for 2years
Maxis: Optional either 1 year or 2 years.

Overall paying RM63 a month might seemed to be better than paying RM100 per month. 

Still dunno which to choose? 
Opt for Ipod touch 4g perhaps..


More info: Digi Maxis 

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