Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Food post - Hokkien Lor Mee

** p/s: now you get to see big ass pictures of the food cause i have changed my layout ! 

I was out and about to fill this tummy with food.
So i went to try  (not hokkien mee, not lor mee but) hokkien lor mee. =.='
Hokkien + Lor + mee

Had some side dishes as well.

Yums =)
 (except for the chicken feet - tastes weird)

Toodah !


Ainee Cumi said...

Woi maknyah! Wahh kuat makan yer saudari ni. Why u tutup ur FB acc? Takut lain maknyah kacau u ehh??

Babe, datang my engagement tau. 5/12. Ames nak pakai kebaya. U pakai apa?? Sari?? Cheongsam?

Ames said...

i got kebaya too =)
Hahahaha yea la.. tat's y kegemukkan