Friday, October 29, 2010

New Layout

I have procrastinated for so long.. 
Finally i changed my layout.
To accommodate larger pictures to savour the eyes.
Not to mention that i had to change to a simpler one.
More eye friendly.. 
I rather not burden the eyes of my readers.
Cause i will jam the blog with loads of pictures.. often of myself *ahem*
and FOOD
and all the other RANDOM stuff that catches my eye and the camera.

original pic.

Rosy pink cheeks =)
I believe i am too pale or albino-ish that i couldnt live without a blusher.
Nonetheless i look like zombie everyday cause i did not use any blusher.



Zwei said...

new layout is good! i like big pictures~~ :D
i agree..with blusher and without makes a big difference. >.< what blusher are you using? :)

Ames said...

thanks =)
In the pic, i'm using my sister's MAC blusher.. the colour is called fountain of youth or

Mine is a mini travel sized from estee lauder.
I prefer pink blusher =)

Zwei said...

fountain of youth..sounds magical. :P

i like pink blusher too. :)
am still looking for a new pink blusher.