Saturday, November 20, 2010

Bowl Noodles

With everyone on holiday mode while i still have 2 more papers to go kills me =(
Plus the fact that my family is coming over to Penang tmr (saturday) for HOLIDAYS.
It is a big phat smack on the face that they are having trips early this year without waiting for me.
They are luring me out to be with them tomorrow 
I am contemplating whether to join them 
because i have a paper on Monday
while the progress now is less than 50%
=.=' roomie came back to pack her stuff and head home.
She bought me Bowl Noodles since she know i'll be alone till next week =)

 XO Sauce seafood flavor

 all ingredients in

 Stared at this for 3 mins


Thanks Belle =)

The portion is seriously big. 
I can barely finish.
Gtg rush to finish the notes.
Cause i'll be HOLIDAY-ing with the family tmr.
Bye Internet!

p/s: I'm lovin hugeass pics!

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