Thursday, November 18, 2010

Hair Revived!

Finally i'm reunited with healthier hair !
I've been bearing grass like hair for the longest time ever.
I've never seen my hair this unhealthy before.
Hair ends are practically dead and have split ends all over.
I've dyed redyed permed straightened then permed again then dyed n redyed..
Poor hair went from half life dead turned vampire then vampire dead.
(To those of you who have seen my hair condition.. i did not exaggerate)

Revisited my hairstylist.
Had hair trimmed + much needed treatment.

Helloo *flips hair*

My dead hair looks so similar with dried grass. (Refer pic above)
My roomie have the hype of plucking split ends out of my ends cause there are sooo many.


Places big pink bow hairband on head, pout and flips hair.

guess what came to town??

OK i'm happy now.
Back to the books =)


Zwei said...

clicks "like" to the new hair. :)

Ainee Cumi said...

Ni mesti rosak sebab perm kan?? I punya rambut pun macam wheat grass nanti I pun nak potong.

Ames said...

thanks szeweii =)

ainee: yea la perm n straighten banyak laa! i potong a bit then do treatment.

Anna said...

i like ur hair :D