Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Tea Party at Winter Warmers

Pre-celebratory tea party at Winter Warmers.
Wasnt an intended tea party.
But I found mates who enjoy teas too..
Altho i was more of an English Afternoon Tea person *bigswidesmile*

 Fancy schmancy tea cup

 We've ordered lavender, rosebuds and SlimRiver (claims to have slimming effect on thighs)

 Head on over to Haagen Dazs Because i'm thinking of sweet stuff
(you know the usual tea + pastries?)

Gotta have my favourite RumRaisins 

Once i'm done with my final paper on thurs 
I'll be heading down to kl.
Maybe..i could get my dose of high tea!
Wish me luck.
So hungry naos


Ainee Cumi said...

Ordered lavender, rosebuds and Slimriver because it claims have slimming effect ehh?? Weyh tak sempat nak slim slim the thighs u ate the ice cream that look so yummy... Tak apa, I faham. Kalau I pun, I tergoda ok..

But ames, u dah cukup slim ehh.. Cute+Petite=Cuteness!

Ames said...

hahaha.. i dak gemuk sebab makan banyak..
Anyways thanks for the compliment!
I am coming back soon!
Excited excited!