Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Cameron (Picture Heavy Post)

As usual, i came back with tonnes of pictures to feast your eyes.
There was something eerie bout the roads in Cameron in the middle of the night.
My advice: Drive extra safe and dun try to be superman.
My sister's newly registered Husband suggests to bring us to visit a haunted house 
I pretty much freaked out by the looks of the road and the sound of it .. so nope i din go.
Would like to see a glimpse of it during day time tho. =)

 At Cameron Valley Bharat Tea Plantations

muka cannot make it

Stanley wine.

End this with my chor dai dee face =)


prince said...

wah...the light photos very nice wor...haha

JaniceW said...

aiyer... sum1 wna puji his own skill is it?
ps: i wn take pic like tat kwnlove!

Ames said...

no la is my skills ok! hhahahaha
i draw nicely!
i looked like an idiot in the process of making the photos!

prince said...

ekhem!!! who set up for u ah?

JaniceW said...

jgn ber-warring! haha