Thursday, December 23, 2010

Exciting Week

My final week in Ipoh is indeed very happening.
Full of surprises i would say.
Not to mention i'm exhausted till i fell sick.
I'm still very unsure bout my christmas plans as the family is planning something on their own.
I just got to know(this morning) that they wanted to go to Cameron for Christmas

Let the pictures do the talking:

Props for my sister's ROM

Goodies from Singapore!

Essential Hair Essence and Hair Mask


Updates will be pretty slow..
cause my lappie died =(

Stay tune!
I'll update whenever possible!


Ainee Cumi said...

Cupcakes tu gila comel ya wahai saudari. Mana beli??

Siapa yang kawin ni? Semua nampak cantik in white

Ames said...

my sister's registration of marriage ! =)

cupcakes from kl.. they customize