Friday, January 7, 2011

2010 reminiscence


I admit i've been pretty lazy to update.
Hence the more pics and less words that i put in.
Just throw in a couple of pics and call it a post.

First 2 weeks of uni really had me slacking..
Spent most of the time sleeping/napping.
So now here i am sitting in front of a 10inches monitor *squint eyes*
and write. ok i mean type. 

Moment of truth
2010 isnt the best in my 21 years of living
I can say it has been dreadful omg can die.
In 2010, i cried the most
I Love and Lost and find my way into Love again drains me of courage
Lost myself at some point where i have no directions and a surprising feeling struck me
for the most happy nonchalant person i think i am.. i know what it feels like not wanting to live.
An emotional year for me to get past.. and yet i'm still emotional.
Dun think i'll ever forget this memorable year.
Luck was on my side as i have my girls who always had my back
and they could just simply sniffed out my silly emo nemo feeling.
2010 is also filled with surprises and i love surprises! =)
And i have been spending very wisely *yayy*
Not go all crazy over sales
 hmm wat else?
Had tonnes of fun with the family.
Everything has been smooth sailing around the end of the year.
Everything does falls apart nicely anticipating for 2011.
As for 2011,
I'm looking forward to more exciting and glam year ahead!
The blog will be filled with more food, me and me and me. *vain*
Will post up more professional pictures..
no more parkinson lah!

Thank ypu for reading.
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