Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Busy Bee

My work load have just increased 

I have been honeymooning for the past i am not used to being busy.
I guess it's a good thing to get my engine started (as it usually starts around study week)

Oh yea..
My year doesnt start that smoothly.. eventhough there are amazing events that happened
I still find myself lack of a little bit of luck
First: My lappie confirm dead
then i burnt myself using new curling tongs that my sister bought.
Got burnt in the neck put me in the utmost embarassing situation
cause seriously it looks like some kind of love bite from far
i freakin needs to tie my hair in order to look normal (i have einstein's hair)
thus i'm giving the public a chance to have the imaginations wild on that ala love bite spot on my neck.
What is worst than having to burnt myself, risk of permanent scarring and i need to explain myself in order to prevent unnecessary imaginations.
Apart from all that,
i have also lost something precious.
which i am praying that it will find it's way back to me soon.

I am getting emo just weeks of starting 2011.
But i'm still looking forward for better days to come.

Drop me a tickle if you will.


prince said...

hope u will get well soon..
and wish all the good lucks come to u..

JaniceW said...

love u, together we will fight for our future.

Zwei said...

i feel for you because i was in a messy week and this week seems to head to the same direction's nothing big, just tit bits in life that brings further unwanted mess. :( i am glad thursday is a holiday.but we shall take a deep breathe.if one won't do, take another one. :)

isabelle said...

we shall party more! good chi come!!

Ames said...

prince: thanks =DDD

janice: love u too!

szewei: yeap i needa break..

belle: yesyes party away emoness