Wednesday, February 9, 2011

CNY aftermath

Not exactly an aftermath since i'm still in my CNY mood 
I'm currently back in uni 
busier than ever FML.
i have no idea that i have T_______________________________________T 
this much stuff to attend to.
Little did i know my CNY this year 'is' the busiest ( "is" because it hasnt ended)
minus a few days before cny, 4 days is seriously not enough for me!
I have to super fast track bai nin.  (sit, get ang pau, sit again then flee to next house)
Certainly not enough gambling.  =D

Altho i have 1324972894238479743 stuffs to complete,
i can still blog.
That shows how sien i am.
I could bluetooth pictures into my MINI, (Boohoo!)
so i just throw in whatever pictures i have with me now.

Inapropriately dressed because we were suppose to chill in a friend's house.

 le happy feet

Red hot for CNY =)

Ever since i got that "love bite" for my curling tongs,
I am absolutely in love with it now.
I do take time to curl my hair every single time after washing my hair
i can do curls more efficiently now =D
So now i'm considering whther to bring them over to uni..
but i figured i might not have the time to achieve that perfect anaconda/octopus hair 

hmm i have so much things to do ..
i yearn to spend some quality time reading a good book.
I'm currently hooked on Sophie Kinsella's - Confessions of a Shopaholic.

Nighty internet.

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