Friday, February 11, 2011


Quote from Janice: going club = everyone can be touchy

And that's the problem with the community's perception.

If you club (once or a gazillion times) = you're a clubber
If you dance in the club = you're open to people coming over having touchy hands

If you wear something nice = you're going to club/ not decent

If you go out on occasional weekends = you going clubbing EVERY weekend.
plus these people will somehow produce eye witnesses.

If you drink = you're an alcoholic

If you type wtf = you're vulgar/not decent/immoral

If you happen to have clubbing pics on the internet = you're a clubber
If you blog that you're sad = you're emo/sadistic/pathetic

So to speak, we really cant please everybody.
People will generate their own evil thoughts of you if they wanted to.

But bear in mind..if you want to judge, 
Are you any better?

p/s: All the above may not apply to everyone.


Zwei said...

i click "like" for that blog one. and i can actually relate that to FB too. zzz.. =_____=

Mun Yee said...

so true..
*super like*

JaniceW said...

well said! me likey..
sigh.. wt's wrong with today's world??
even my mum,
spaghetti strap = revealing =.=

MuscleMadness said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ames said...

[zwei]: yea so totally thru.. either they think u're a party animal or u're emo and you wanna die. =.=''
Thanks for liking =) i shud put that like button sumwhere!!

[Mun yee] : ohai! =) thanks!

[kawanlove]: The world is filled with all these misleading perceptions.. ok for ur mom case maybe.. is zaman dulu-dulu thinking.

[muscle madness]: By the way.. i still get to see ur comment even though u have deleted it. =) thanks anyway!

w3il22 said...

Just be yourself~
Be the way you are XD