Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Severe Lack of sleep

I am so called free from whatever sleep draining activities atm. 
(atm= at the moment.)
Since AirAsia wouldnt wanna load me a page.
I will be blogging instead.
Hopefully there are still some tickets left for me. 
I'm facing a bit difficulties in posting up pictures here
as my lappie died. My pictures all in phone. FML.
Anyways.. i have been sleeping at 2 am ish the entire week.
Sunday was drop dead tiring for me.
I have an event that requires me to wake up at 6.15am then ends at 9.30pm
That's not all. I have my lab report to complete till about 3am.
I was about to break into 2.
Hoping that someone would take a forklift and lift me off my bed this morn.
 *insert vulgar here* tired.
Will work on the pics tmr.
Bye ppl.
Please dun runaway when i dun update.
I still care *puppy eyes*

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