Thursday, March 10, 2011


I look wayyyy better with sunnies on.
(compared to without)
sorry for the bad quality photo.

Anyways i fell sick today.
Omg must be the crazy weather.
On the side note...
I just realised
I had lived up to my shopping ban
No topshop.
I need to save money to shop in June.

Toodles ppl.


w3il22 said...

Take care =)

Ainee Cumi said...

Hello makcik! U look good, gorgeous and beautiful with or without sunnies ok. <3 ya!

Zwei said...

ooo~~ love the sunnies~~ =D and i think u look pretty with or without. :D

Ames said...

[weilee]: thanks =)

[ainee]: Love u too dear! =) muahh!

[zwei]: thanks dear! =) imy!