Saturday, March 12, 2011

Mouthful of Toads.

Long time ago there was an old tale called toads and diamonds.
The story started with the tale of a widow with two daughters, elder one who's selfish, arrogant and bad tempered while the other is selfless, kind and well mannered.
Basically the younger daughter who was kind enough to offer an old woman a drink was blessed with a unique ability, whenever she speaks diamonds and pearls will come out from her mouth.
And for the elder daughter, she was cursed to have toads and snakes come out of her mouth whenever she speaks.


I kind of met the elder daughter in real life. =.='
As in wtv she speaks.. i can see snakes and toads coming out of her mouth.
(not literally..but her words)

Rule of thumb
" If you have nothing nice to say, please dun speak at all"

In other words,
Stop talking if you're annoying.

Frankly speaking, i have low tolerance level and most certainly very low patience level.
There's nothing i can do but to sit quietly and listen 
and if i could evade, i will evade it. 

She puts her nose into every single matter and she wants to have her say in everything.
She puts her comment on everything.

Have you ever met this kind of person?

What would you do if you were to meet one?


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