Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Feels like 2010.

Cant help but to feel that 2011 just started..
but my finals is just around the corner, plus my sisters wedding and my spree in June..
Well not to mention my 4months long break from May -Sept,
and my birthday in July.
Everything is charging ahead..
And i felt yesterday was just 2010.
So just a recap of what i did yesterday NYE.
Not forgetting Joey G. *click*

Japanese (mix Korean style) BBQ restaurant, Chou Shun Kan @ Crystal Point.

Steamy hot.
 It's self service unlike Daorae.
I do enjoy the process of barbequeing my own meat. =)

Ordered a selection of meat (pork).
This tastes comparatively better than the ones in Daorae.


Greedy face.

Yummest Scallops with butter on top.
RM20 for 7 pieces. 

Feels so christmassy but it's NYE.

Big ass camera does this.
I'll show you my N95 version if i happen to find a cardreader somewhere..... 

People mountain people sea.

Toodles Internet.

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