Thursday, April 7, 2011

Casual Movie Day.

I found my contact lense case empty one morning..
I think i might have accidentally flushed my last pair of contacts away. =.='
That leaves me contacts-less and specky the whole week.
I have trouble finding my contact lenses too!
All sold out in Penang and requires prior order.
Thank God! i found it in Ipoh!

Donning trusty nerdy specs great for casual days =)
Outing involves : Movie + Chatime + Caramel Popcorn.

 why am i having extremely shiny forehead???

My take on Straits Quay using Toufu =)

My phone takes fairly good pictures 
That is why it is extremely hard for me to choose a new phone.
For the person who criticizes my phone and i..
Although my phone is ancient
and it is so not touch screen or having qwerty keypads
or even have an "I" infront of the word phone..
my phone does takes better pictures than yours!
plus my skills are better anyways =P

Nighty y'all.


... said...

lol~may I know the so called "my phone"???

nana said...

the pic quality look like using DSLR.. haha

Ames said...

[...]: I'm using N95.

Nana: Thanks dear! =)

Zwei said...

u are holding the longchamp that my mum

Ames said...

That bag is vv versatile =) goes with every outfit!