Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Last Sunday, (right after i recieved pay cheque from Sony)
sisters and mom hurried to the clinique roadshow to have a look at the goodies.
They're a fan of freebies. 
All the while, my mom and sisters were busy checking out the counter which was loaded with a lot of skin care products.
i couldnt even get close to the counter. =.='
The story of me kena conned goes by when i was literally dragged by the Skin Consultant (aka Sales person) 
to one of their counters for a free demonstation of a facial mask.
Being the typical me.. (freebies = yay!)
I sat down and enjoyed the process.

The story ends with pictures below.

I really need to take care of my skin.
I looked like a zombie without BB cream.

I often get comments like " You looked so tired"
Mom said i look extremely pale + unhealthy.

Can get better comments anot?

Btw ppl there'll be a clinique talk happening this week.
I am attending to get more freebies.

Nighty peeps.
Need to get more sleep!


Ainee Cumi said...

Weyh! BEst! Nak gak

Ames said...

u using clinique too is it?? =)

Zwei said...

waaa! full set! XD sounds nice.i love this kind of stuffs too but i can't simply use skin care products. >.<

Ames said...

I suggest u go for consultation first. my jie has like super super sensitive skin.. she's using clinique also =)

anna lau said...

amy amy.clinique bagus ka?i'm very tempted to start using haha

Ames said...

heyyy =)

You should give it a try..
I've been using it for quite awhile now.
I went to their talk and roadshow in USM penang.. and they sold mini starter kits at only RM45! =)
Worth trying.