Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sister love's be-earlied Birthday celebration @ Starbucks.

 Happy Birthday Sister Love!
Have a wonderful fantastic mindblastic birthday!
 Love you lots!
 I'll bring u back more goodies in June =)

 Birthday cake pop + espresso tiramisu
 I have no idea why this "cake" is rotated.
I've already rotated the original pic to the correct position. hmpf..

Espresso tiramisu. yums.
We celebrated her be-earlied last weekend since everyone (sister n i) were back in Ipoh (and cameron)
for a bit.

If you dun see that v look tad much alike.I think you should go see an optometrist.

Went to cameron with this woman earlier in the day.. 
All my frens thought i'm a cameronian. (as in hometown in cameron)
While we were heading back down to Ipoh, the rain starts pouring.
And cars ahead kept on flashing their light (as in flashing high lights.)
We have no idea what's going on since light flashing has so many meanings
It could be:
  • to indicate a road block/ police check/ speed trap
  • to bid "Hello" to someone you know
  • to indicate that the person infront is driving too slow
  • to indicate the intention of overtaking a car
  • maybe it could be landslide? (cz we were in cameron)
  • or it could be an accident

We travelled for quite awhile only to meet with the cause of light flashing.
Try guessing.
Answer at the end of the post.

Tak habis habis FB.

I requested mom to reenact of one the most popular pose 
called " the minum air with straw in mouth" pose.
Super cute!

Answer: an accident. 
Please drive safe esp in Cameron. 
If you want to drive to Cameron.. drive at snail pace.


Ainee Cumi said...

I requested mom to reenact of one the most popular pose
called " the minum air with straw in mouth" pose.<= I LOVE THIS AYAT LAH MAKCIK. Your mum super sempoi lah weyh pose like dat

Ames said...

she's so cute wei!
seriously that pose mmg popular