Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Anger Management

Call me Amy Angry Bird Ho. TQVM

Today is the second day of Study Week,
Study week is suppose to be ZEN and all about studying.
But issues that have nothing to do with Finals popped out of nowhere!

I have no idea i've been such an angry bird lately.
Ppl and issues are bursting my inner thermometer!
I have the slightest intention to be angry at this time of the semester.
But i cant help but to get really upset bout things

I guess angryness can be infectious.
If i were to be angry with Issue #1 then i'll prolly be angry with the rest of the issues that i encountered.

Tell me how not to become irritated so easily.

Maybe because i want things to go my way.. 
So since things arent.. it bothers me.

I need to reunite with my inner ZEN 
and renew to a higher tolerance level
Need to learn how to accept things as it is.

 Angry birds cupcakes!

 Hilarious looking bird.. llol

LOL. Halloween Costumes!

Iphone cookie?

Anyways, let's just throw out all the angryness out the window 
and start fresh tmr with a better mood.
Have a great day tmr.



prince said...

take it easy ya..
think of the happy stuff,.. everything will be fine k?

Ames said...

I will =)
really hope that i'll get to take pictures again.

w3il22 said...

people are imperfect,that is why there are acceptance and forgiveness.
these are the 2 things that we need to learn in our life.
anyway,hope you can cheer up soon.
tomorrow will be a better day~
those angry birds are so cute~haha

Ames said...

yeah.. what u said is so true..
I think anyone can be better =)
Thanks a lot!

Yesyes angry birds vv cute!

prince said...

sure you will get to take pictures again..just see when only ma..don worry..!!
very fast will reach!!

Zwei said...

oh..i faham, i made a plan for things to go like that like this then it didn't, and i get so upset. and then i get upset about other things so easily. and THEN i get upset at why i get upset so easily.. like i am impatient, sensitive and irrational person like that. (~.~)

u gotta calm down and find the ZEN. :) toughen the mind! hugs!

Ames said...

[prince] : hopefully. =DD

[zwei]: yes! omg u und! lol. I've been irrational.. but i'm alot better now. just need to take a step back n chill =) Thanks dear~!