Sunday, April 10, 2011

Dinosaur me. =.=''

While i was filling up an online survey via Nuffnang..
I stumbled on a few questions that made me wonder..
I seemed like a dinosaur without Facebook, Twitter, even MSN (cause of my University's brilliant internet connection)
but i'm on Skype all the time *defensive*

Even all my gadgets are outdated!
My phones + camera + Ipod + laptop (dead).

And people made it seemed like i no longer connected to the world.

The other day a fren of mine, Karen said
" Wei faster reactivate ur FB. i wanna tag u in posts"

Taken when i was in Standard 1. (6yrs old)

I bet you guys are making the same facial expression while looking at that pic.
cause i did




Ainee Cumi said...

weyhh comel gila kottt!!

Pandai ehh buat expression muka

Ames said...


I think that's my default expression!