Monday, April 25, 2011

Hitting the club on a Saturday Night =)

Feels so good to be able to hit the club again
to dance off my exam blues!

I attended a fantabulous and exciting 
Hen's night @ 69 Mansion, Batu Ferringhi.
It was my sister's pre-wedding party.

 I've known my sister for 22years,
It was my first time going to a club with her!
Argh just too bad that my elder sister dint get to join the girly fun.

Fun-filled crazy night organized by her buddies.
Little did i know..
They still have clubbing staminas.. lol
(they called themselves "Aunties"  btw)
The party went on till 3am!

 The victim.

Those girls has planned "exciting" tasks for her.

 Miss Mastermind of the Event.

One clear disadvantage to have a party in a place that has a pool:
You will get wet

No time to take pictures of myself.
It was that intense!

Good Night peeps!
Have a great monday!

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