Wednesday, May 4, 2011

FB -On.

I sort of reactivated my facebook.
While trying to do it ANONYMOUSLY
(which obviously failed btw)
my bestie Janice bombed my wall a few minutes after i reactivated it!
I was being perfectly random when i stumbled across an online giveaway contest on
And the price is a small balanciaga bag.
It's been 8months since i've lived w/o a facebook account
I'm still considering whether to keep it activated or not..
I hate to constantly check on fb..
and not forgetting get hooked on fb + people stalking.
I can ppl stalk using bob's acc. 
and that's exactly wat i did over the past 8months.


Let's put that topic aside..
what i am really saying is i am lazing around but there are tonnes of things that have yet to be done
1.Write an application letter
2. send in my resume
3. Pack for home
4. Study for my final paper

and when i get back.. 
5. deal with the bride
(tough job *gulps*)

I think i gotta get back to work!
Need to sleep early cause i'm zit farming again! =.=''
p/s: please say stop by and say hi to me on FB =)

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