Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Fitting Room a place that only girls can camwhore and then share pictures in FB.

To some extent.. the sentence above holds true.

This topic came along when i was chatting with one of my friend from Uni.
He said it's not fair that girls get to camwhore like mad in fitting rooms and share it with everyone else..
Well not that guys are not allowed to do so... 
only if it's done right ..
 For example:
 Cannot have 284719839128918319 of those pics (esp. with same pose + outfit)
and maybe No cute facial expression
and also more of fullbody (+outfit) and less of the face maybe?

Fuhh.. I dun think we (girls) have that much of a problem!
 *shifty eyes*

Okk nuff bout that..
Here's my recent fitting room camwhore pics!

i spot ze perfect camel colour blazer and a really cute bright pink tailored dress

Love the leopard printed inner lining of the blazer

Green cardigan and pink pants =)

This pants is soo comfy! i'm not sure of the material thou.. felt like jeans material..

 I really wished to grab all of those back home with me.. 
(except pink dress cause it doesnt really fit)
Better luck Next Month.

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kthxbai =D


Catherine said...

i love the pink dress and the camel blazer. =D where's it from?

Ames said...

Zara =)