Friday, May 20, 2011


I am a fail blogger.
I've been staring at the white blank page for days and not a single word typed. =.='
I got loads to talk about and tons to share...
I've been procrastinating wayy to much that i have not get anything done.
I think it's time to hit myself in the head and get my plans started.
Cannot waste 4months in Ipoh without achieving any of my minigoals.

The fact that I am pretty free at home nao kicks off a lot of things in my mind
I admit me being unstable at times where i get emo about things anything
Everything i feel like just to escape from all of these by hanging out.. and also doing nothing
I dun think running away is the best things to do..
but i haven have courage to face all of that.
I am very insecure too.
All of that sums up make me a very phail person.

Nuff of that,
I've gotten myself a job in Pc Fair this weekend (starting tmr)
But i am sort of working alone.. boohoo.
no fun =.='

Gotta sleep early nao.
Before i appear as one of the zombie in Zombie Farm.

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