Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Hennessy Artistry @ Barroom Ipoh (Part 2)

Posts will get more exciting as it goes.

More pics on my Hennessy Artistry Experience in Barroom Ipoh.

After party pictures
Where i go "Bananas" with a giant banana.
(no pun intended)

Below you could see my parkinson is coming back again =.=' wtf

Stands taller than Venti sized tumbler.
Arm length

I figured it could be a phone. aka big brother big (tai gor tai)

I din know a plain haircut would generate quite a number of comments.
Some thinks it's greatt..
while some thinks it's ugly (stay at home until it grows back kinda ugly.)

Conversations sounded like this 
" omg your hair"

me: yeah i know

response A: it looks great!
me: Thanks a lot!

response B: i dun like it lor. last time better. you shouldnt have cut it.
me: dun worry it'll grow's just Hair! (#@$@#$!@$@#%#$%@#$@$)


Catherine said...

I love your bangs. i wish mine stays like urs. my fringe is shit now.

Ames said...

Thanks.. erm.. i just cut n straighten it.. so for now it would still look ok!