Saturday, July 2, 2011

Cannot decide

The other day i saw this movie on tv.


It about this girl named Fong-Fong-Fong (Cecilia Cheung) who is a compulsive shopper, seeks for treatment from a doctor (her co-star above) and the story goes........ok not important.

No, i have no compulsive shopping disorder (sorry to disappoint =P)
My attention turns toward her co-star who has this CANNOT DECIDE disorder.

I seriously cannot decide on things.
I need to long time to decide wat i am gonna do..
and how i'm gonna do it.
So when you msg me to ask me about something
my slow response (reply) would most probably mean that i'm using my time n extra brain power to think.
( Or maybe just flip a coin whether to say yes or no. )

Do tolerate my slowness
cause my coins not so efficient *blames*

A conversation between bob and I yesterday,

Bob : ei choose what colour u want for the case.

(case is referring to a silicone ipad case)

Me: okkk send me the link

Me: i choose blue or green or pink to match our mickey case or maybe yellow also nice and orange! 
because orange is this season's colour.

Bob: =.='' *dulan*

Me: Oh Cannot choose YELLOW later police catch!

(referring to what my mom said earlier the day where police in my housing area caught a few guys donning yellow)

Bob: *laughing like mad*

 I bought it just hours before i left Ipoh (crazy right?)
hence no proper picture of it
But a proper pic of me =DDD

I'm glad that we decide to get one
It's more of a WEpad than Ipad (Adapted from Catherine)

The clearest pic i have just to show u the cutest pink mickey case everrrr!
ignore unglam expression as i am dead exhausted.

A conversation between mom and I yesterday (earlier in the morning),

Mom: Eh dun wear yellow shirt later police catch. Today those auntie said police caught a few guys near our area because they wore yellow shirt.

Me: Wah? Really ah.

Mom: Yeah.. We're suppose to wear yellow for next week's line dance session so now need to change to other colours.

Mom: I suggest wear sheer white tee and sheer white pants then wear YELLOW bra and underwear. see they will catch us anot! 


Toodles ppl =)

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