Saturday, August 20, 2011

Durian Superman

My grandpa is a HARDCORE fan of durians!
He craves for durians and he believes that durians can cure all his sickness (eg.cough, fever)


As usual, i was on the way out to drop him at a bus station.
(cause believe it or not he is still working.. and bus because he wanna take his usual stroll around the city before heading back to the office! superman much? )
So, he suggested that we have some durians first.

Reminiscing back when i was young.. 
he used to bring me out to eat durians by the road side ala gangsta style
(where we squat along the roadside and spit the seed out just like tat!)

Yeah, so i couldnt resist reliving old times and for durians sake   *fan alert*

He asked for us to share one. Then he said " One each lah"
In the end we had 3.
(because i stopped him =.=')
That was my breakfast btw.

 Kampung durians

Located just outside my house

My superman <3

He is my superman. He does the manly job in the house while dad is working.
Threathens to beat you up if u mess with him
(I'm NOT joking!)

 ILY Grandpa <3

Nighty peeps.

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