Thursday, August 18, 2011

Skin Care

is something that i'm really particular about.
No doubt i'll be the one applying 23462847189741471 stuffs to my face everyday 
having the bf waiting till janggut grows long for me be ready!
(mom does the same to dad! heh =P )

I wanna have good skin so that i do not need to rely on make up to look less ZOMBIE-ish 
I have the best skin in the family,
besides mom of course.
But i inherited the dark eye circle gene. =.='
And Ciara always calls me albino because i am damn pale. (vampire-ish)
So, dark eye circle + pale = ZOMBIE.
That's why i have to be extra hardworking in the skincare section.

Hence, Le bare face:

 I looked prettier this way. wtf.

To show you how much stuff i put onto my face everyday -
This is how my daily skin care regime goes 

1. Liquid Facial Soap (mild)
2. Clarifying Moisture Lotion (No.2)
3. Repairwear Laser Focus / Turnaround Concentrate
4. All About Eyes 
5. Moisturizing Gel
6. Moisture Surge
7. Sunblock/ BB cream (if i were to head out)

All the above from Clinique.
You can see i'm a fan of clinique.  *refer here*

I found their stuff really good expecially 
Moisture surge and 

The salesperson said my skin is rapidly aging 
cause they found brown spots/pigments on my face! *gulps*
 I finished my first bottle of laser focus and i am very satisfied with the results.
Spots indeed have significantly faded.
It can be used in the eye area too!

Heck, it is also very expensive =.='
So i am not sure i will buy this again or not. 

Masks that i frequently used :
1. Turnaround Masque
2. Lush Mask of Magnaminty
3. Sunrider clay mask
4. Cosway Deep Cleansing mask *refer here*
5. Skin food Aloe and lemon mask.
6. Clean turn by Kose sheet mask
7. Etude house Eye mask.

I lugged it back from HK. Costs less than RM40 only =D

Incredible Hulk's Skin color. wtf.

 Another product from HK.
Notice the illustration above?
One awesome thing about the mask is, it covers up the eye area as well!

not forgetting very convenience packing.
All for
 RM26  (26 pieces of mask)

Guess what! This is my 400th post!
My 202nd post is also about skin care. 
What a coincidence!

Toodles Internet.


Catherine said...

OH!. i have the KOSE mask too. but mine is blue in colour.

I have the Cosway Bioglo cleansing mask too. then dunno why i switch to Shill Purifying Peef-off black mask

Ames said...

What's the difference between blue n pink? I have noo idea. Anyways where did u get it?
I've tried the Shiseido one. But not shill.. How was it?

Catherine said...

The blue one is pure whitening. the pink one is collagen. So if you're talking about flawless perfect skin. it's the pink one. But that time i was so dark, that's why i bought the blue one. HAHA.

shiseido has peeling mask?

The bioglo one is thicker compared to the shills one. but both peel of blackheads and facial hair as good. I guess i bought the shills one because i couldn't find the Bioglo one. AND, the bioglo gave me a very messy thick feeling, especially at the cap there. Like it dried up like that.

Zwei said...

If Anna sees the Clinique part, she will be itching to try out on Clinique again.HAHAHA.
so many masks!! :D i have eye-bag problem too..ngeeee....but i am not doing anything to it, yet.

Ames said...

Catherine: I agree. The bioglo one is indeed very thick. It's sooo good for facial hairs! Like more effective! hahaha. Even brows. I said that cause i accidentally applied to brow area and it dried up so i had to peel it off. :/

Ames said...

szewei: Eye bags and dark eye circles =( just cannot get rid of them.