Sunday, October 9, 2011

My Maxis.

Wearing my new blazer =) 
If you study that picture long enough... 
You should be able to see i'm holding a 3g enabled ipad. 
I was dead frustrated without a 3g line and having to ask for wifi at 1239812938193 places i've been to.
I figured the iphone 4S wasnt that spectacular so i made a firm decision to sell my old ipad (32gbwifi)
and grab a 16gb 3g + Wifi model. 
I have had the biggest "cannot decide" dilemma for the past few weeks.
Mind you cause i'm quite connect with all my stuff. In fact, most girls are like that. I literally eat and sleep with it. WTF. So i was heavy hearted to sell it since "It" and I have bonded in these 3months
( i even have a name for it  *shiftyeyes* )

My uni wifi is even worse than GPRS. 
Hoping that Maxis would not phail me nao.. cause i'm afraid Maxis is even slower than UNI WIFI.
(that would make me look dumb)


Being in a different phase,
where i remain stationary when everybody else is moving forward
makes me feel that i am wasting my time and life. 
i feel that i am living in denial cause just when i thought i am making progress,
things became zero all of a sudden.
I'm learning to take charge.

More updates soon =)
thanks for staying tune. 

 I TWEET  =). Im hoping that it would be moar fun than facebook.
Follow me @amenatics if you wanna see my new plushtoy pig. wtf.

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