Saturday, October 15, 2011

Weddings inspirations

Some of the wedding inspirations i gathered months ago for my sister's garden wedding.
At first i thought she was joking when she said she wanted to have a garden wedding
 in Cameron Highlands.
Heck, we managed to pull through the whole wedding
and the tricky part was having to combine both traditional chinese customs (eg.tea ceremonies) and also an english wedding where the they newly weds will exchange vows and rings during the event.

Truely a memorable event.
I assure you. That was one beautiful and scenic bungalow.
Not forgetting the best weather was on our side. (it din rain)

 Being the made of honour, i wasnt allow to wear a long maxi dress.
(prevent me from tripping cause i had to bend down everynow and then to fix her long train.)
So i had to look for something short instead.

 I came across this dress and i was sold! Unfortunately it was sold out before i could get to it. BOOHOO.
Perfect pastel pink bridesmaid dress.

love the hem <3

We decided to give each and everyone of our guests a polariod picture as gift. 

I thought ways i display the photos of the bride and groom.
Cleverly planned to use the tree.. but phailed cause v couldnt find one that is suitable for it. 
we settled for something else instead. 

Chalk boards are awesome!
and are extremely hard to find. =.='
(nt to mention expensive)
The girls managed to get a small one that served as a prop for the gate crasher event.

More pics =)
stay tune.

p/s: this post was inspired by Ainee cause her wedding is just around the corner.


Ainee Cumi said...

garden wedding in cameron?? Wowww! Thats awesome.. Kalau I tak kahwin lagi surely I would plan my wedding in Cameron Highlands. Oh gosh, super love. Please post a lot of pitcha here, I wanna see the beautiful coming soon event.

Ames said...

hello miss...sudah lepasss laaa.. aiyo

Ann said...

Hi Amy,

May I know which bungalow was the wedding held?


Drew Watts said...

Thanks a ton for sharing the weddings inspirations here. It was just amazing details here. I am also going to get married at San Francisco wedding venues and would like to do all the decorations on my own so your post was very helpful for me.