Saturday, November 19, 2011

Be Right Back.

This blog has been collecting mushrooms for more than a month now.
The truth is i've been visiting my blog almost everyday 
staring at the blank page trying to type something out.
There are alot in my mind that i couldnt even comprehend
and definitely dun know how to type them out here.
I haven have much kick in the rear to finally write things and post it here. 
I revisited my blog and read bout things that i've posted before this.
I have to say i am indeed  pretty active in blogging 
and my posts were somewhat fun to read than my recent ones *blogphail*
Someone gave me a reason to blog and when the reason no longer valid,
I started blogging for myself instead. 
 I admit i haven have the chance to express the mixed emotions within and shitty stuff that i've been through.
I just couldnt. Whenever i feel like lashing out on something,
I hold back and delete post instead. 
 This is a phase i'm going through. 
Anyways, no more MIAs. 
 A lot of catch up posts to do.


Zwei said...

the feel of lashing the emotions out and the later, only to delete them and close the window; weee~~~ i am doing the same thing. HAHA.

Ames said...

hehe i guess this is common =)