Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Plain white tee.

 This is how i wear my plain white tee.
I love plain whites cause they look casual and chic with anything especially jeans and blazers.
(i dun wanna lie, i secretly think i look great in white tees.*shiftyeyes*)
I have been an accessories fetish since back when i was 13 or 14.
At that time, the trend (or shud i say My trend *alone*) was Avril's punk rock look.
I was donning black nailpolish, jetblack straight hair with middle parting, bangles, wristband..etc
i know what u are thinking but it's nothing too Punk-ish altho i wanted to have pink highlights so badly.
Those were the days where i was pretty adventurous.
I even have a pretty pretty red checkers zara belt *rockmuch?*
The last time i check, half of my collection is still here.
Im as adventurous as Dad when it comes to style.

Then now i found a partner in crime.
Someone who would actually go be adventurous with me.
I still remember i went crazyyyyy when i saw this cute pair of redcheckers suspenders *nojoke*
after thinking bout it for really long, i finally bought it!
My partner in crime le bestie bought the black glittered ones.

More adventurous pics and story of le bestie and i.

Good Night Internet.


BEH SOOK YEE said...

heyyy where u got that 'bird?' necklace! so nice! im looking for somthing like this


Ames said...

try Forever 21. i saw a few nice sparrow necklaces the other day!