Monday, December 19, 2011

Crazy Bus Ride.

One of the most bizarre bus ride event ever.
Initially my bus at 5pm was delayed due to heavy rain, 
so i hopped into one of the available bus instead (as instructed by the man incharge)
Sat on the single seats just a narrow walkway space beside a man in his late 40s.
As the bus starts to move, he turns to me and asks where was the bus headed to.

Me : =.=' Arent you suppose to check before entering? 

He says he wanted to go to Butterworth (but he does not know where Butterworth is)
He then said he stays in Jawi (a place around 30minutes away from Butterworth)

Me: Then why are you on a bus to Butterworth?

At the end of this mind boogling EQ challenging conversation, 
he ended up telling me that He only has 10bucks in his pocket.

Me: *ohshit conman*

Now you guessed it, he then asks me for money, 10bucks to be exact.
Of course i did not give him any money because..
Mind you.. he bought the ticket to an unknown (to him) bus and affords to buy snacks prior to entering bus.
For that time, it really dint make any sense to me.
Errr he did tried to talk to me a few times after that but i ignored him.

There was a time where i actually felt guilty for not talking to him. He seemed desperate.
He was asking for directions and i did not respond to him (i was the only chinese at that time)

I wanted to go down early before the bus reaches the station simply because i couldnt take it..
Im afraid he might follow me or something...
I asked the bus driver to stop at a bus stop.
That man overheard the conversation and came standing my seat asking where i was going. 
He made it as though i am leaving him behind to an unknown place.
He stared at me looking real fierce.. i had to tell him that my house is nearby the bus stop.
The truth is I am afraid that he might follow me down to the bus stop or something. .
I told him to just go to the bus station.
Doubting everyword that i said to him, he said "ARE YOU LYING TO ME?" 
He said it twice in fury. Whoa man. i was stunned weh.
But at the end i managed to convince him and got down safely at the bus stop.
Even if he's not a conman, he stills creeps me out alot.

Apart from meeting that creepy man, i met Mr.Bizarre No.2
Bus driver talking to himself in tamil.
He speaks loudly as though he was having a conversation with somebody sitting at the back of the bus
but the fact is.. no one answers him,
and NOPE he wasnt talking on the phone, i see no bluetooth or earphones.

That was the longest (time and mentally draining) bus ride ever, it seemed to take forever to reach my destination.
From Ipoh, detoured to Kamunting (Taiping) then Stopped at Juru,
Hop onto another bus (with crazy busdriver) and at last reaching the bus stop.

Speaking of bizarre. A double rainbow! Not clearly shown in the picture because it was quickly fading away when i was trying to capture.

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