Monday, November 28, 2011

Weekend at home

As usual i ran back to home sweet home for weekends.
I got an extra day of holiday because monday is a public holiday.
Having monday off is definitely a relieve because it is the most dreadful day of the week due to lab submissions and lengthy lab hours.
Gonna be really busy when i am back.
tonnes of work to do 
My weekend at home includes spending time with family, food and friends.

I was greeted by this once i came home =D
Both my fav. 

My dad is seriously one quirky dude.
Whenever there is a family gathering, he will ask for icecream.
When we're at the icecream place, he chooses to do other stuff (eg. read newspaper and youtube-ing) other than to eat icecream and chat with us.

Pancakes. Yummers!

My activity when i am actually spending time at home.

sisters <3

Classicbooth. Super Fun app! 

super fun girly outings 
(where occasionally everyone turned antisocial because of their gadgets)

this is why i love to be back.

Busy week ahead. =(

Good night internet.

p/s: my blog is still active :P

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