Tuesday, December 27, 2011

All belted up waiting for Chinese New Year!

It was chinese Winter Solstice celebration on 22nd dec.
On the eve of the event when I was cramming for a test the following day 
and i saw the facebook community already buzzing bout having glutinous rice balls (tong yuen).
Making glutinous rice balls had been a simple tradition of mine. 
Everyyear without fail i will volunteer to make it instead of buying ready made ones. 
So i've been bitter bout not being home for Winter solstice and i know mom misses me alot.
Besides myself, i think she's the no. 2 fan of my glutinous rice balls =D 
(i'm no.1 incase you din know)
Mom is kind enough to promise me a remake of glutinous rice balls during CNY.
I miss home. I miss having my family with me and how we used to gather together for dinner.
My parents made a rule to have dinner at the dining table all together.
Maybe this is how dinners have been keeping us close together because we update each other bout
recent happenings and all the other stuff during dinner. 
Sometimes shared a joke or two over dinner. 
(by saying joke i mean funny situation usually initiated by my dad)

I'm currently on my study week. My first paper will be on the 4th January.
Therefore i'll only be seeing my family as early as next year.
For me, there'll be no new year until 17th January (last day of exam)

But i think im all buckled up for Chinese New Year!

Good Night Internet. 

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