Saturday, December 24, 2011

One O'clock.

I remember i used to joke about that big mole on my arm
Whenever anyone asks for the time, i'll pretend to look at my arm like i have a watch and go
"Oh, it's 1 o'clock!"
Ok i know that was super lame. But i do that all the time. 
Even my sister purposely asks me the time just to see that response!
I remember i wanted a baby G long agoo (when i was in primary school)
A good friend of mine had this pretty pink Baby G watch and it was tat expensive so i couldnt get one.
but instead, i got one yellow casio watch. 
I owned 3 watches only so far.
One was that Casio watch, another was Swatch Athens Olympic watch and ...

 in case you dun remember its in my wishlist.

Finally i have a watch again! 

 A cute garment

 Ts Charm.

(err that was my old lappie - core 2 duo)

The 4th thing for Christmas this year. 
*Hint: Not anything in the picture*

It's Christmas Eve.
Have Merry Merry Christmas Peeps.

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