Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas comes early.

Everyone is gushing about christmas wayy before December starts.
 I am a very christmassy person (term given to someone who adores christmas and have 110% christmas mood as early as a month before Christmas)
so i started hunting for christmas presents as early as November. :D
This year it is going to be really different as i wont be home for christmas and new year.
(and winter solstice! No colourful glutinous rice ball)
But instead i need to cramp all 5 subjects into my 128mb brain. FML.
On a happier note, let's proceed with to-buy/wishlist  *bighint*



#3 TS charm for this year.
(I have this thought of collecting a charm a year and basically choose a charm that represents my year or something memorable that represents me. Started on my 21st birthday)

img-thing (300×300)
#5 It's been really long since i had a watch.

oversize-toywatch-fl24wh-108172-116665_zoom.jpg (894×1149)

I said before that i dislike Swatch because of the poor quality plastics which turn yellowish pretty quickly.
Nevertheless by looking at my wallet now. I can only say good bye to Toywatch.

swatch_2011_3.jpg (550×334)

#7 A camera.
I have yet to have my eyes on one.
Dear santa just bring me something good.

#8 OPI Best of the Best mini set. (how can i forget this!)
Priced at SGD43. It is a pretty good deal which gets you 10 amazing colors!
I wan big apple red for Christmas and Chinese New Year.

So far, i have gotten 2 of the above items crossed out.
Dear santa please bring me the rest *bigswidesmile*

What's in ur wishlist?

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