Friday, December 2, 2011


Every single day, i came across things that inspires me.
Whether it has a little effect on me or made an impact huge enough to change me.

There are people we meet as me grow.
They came into our storybook.
Some wrote long essays, some wrote a short paragraph
and some.. just scribbles
Nevertheless, i'm thankful even for the smallest scribble that is on mine.

I wrote this because
if it wasnt for what had happened, i wouldnt be what i am now.
Stronger, wiser and most importantly learned to appreciate.
I finally see who really cares, who put up with me when i'm down.
And i'm thankful that even though shitty stuff comes along,
I still have awesome ppl that i trust and would never leave me alone.
 When i stumble along the wrong path,
these are the people who would put me back on the right track.
What doesnt kills me makes me stronger indeed.

2 years ago i fell and stumble.
The scars will always be there but the pain wouldnt eventually fade away.
And thanks to that,
I took up jogging.
I jog because it clears my mind, at the moment i felt that i could runaway from the problems i faced.
The feeling of tiredness and running out of breath were just awesome.
There was i period where i have stopped because i was happy and of course lazy.
Now the feeling of jogging stays regardless of my mood.

 I guess this is the first time i'm talking so openly bout my emotions.
I do freak myself out sometimes.

 I like it best this way.

*muka Naega jeil jal naga *


Catherine said...

I LOVE YOUR TOP!!!! where did you get it?

Ames said...

Forever 21 :DDDDD
The cutest piece of clothing i've ever bought.