Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Not a meat eater.

I consider myself partly herbivor
because i prefer leafy greens and other stuff like toufu, potatoes and mushrooms
rather than meat.
Once attended a talk on the benefits of being a vegetarian..
and at that talk they put posters stating the benefits of being a vegetarian..
( which covers from scientific proof stated that the structure of our intestines and teeth proves that we have similarities with herbivor animals rather than tigers (meat eaters) therefore they believed we are made vegetarians.)
But then again, i love having seafood.
You can take away meat from my diet but certainly not seafood.

I developed a habit (thanks to my mom) to be vegetarian for a day on every 1st and 15th of the month according to the Chinese lunar calendar.
I believe it's good for the soul and also a part of detox.

#1 Was otw to have Laksa in Air Itam (cause i forgotten to check my calendar!) and i saw massive queue up to the Guan Yin temple. Then quickly redirected to this place.

#2 Fruit tea. Highly recommended.

#3 They put 3 packets of tea bags, slices of kiwi, pear, apple, lemon and orange and honey.

#4 Rendang Chicken. Tastes exactly like the real one!

#5 Butter prawns.

#5 Siu pak choi.

The restaurant is located at Jln Madras.
There actually have 2 floors, where the bottom floor serves fast food such as vegetarian spaghetti, lasagna, etc. and the 2nd floor is where i had my lunch.

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