Saturday, December 31, 2011

FML Moments 2011

The truth is I'm a very phail person. Yes fail as in Gagal , Sat bai (canto)
Like I always said, I find myself in awkward positions all the time.
I'm not trying to be funny nor am i really funny
just that you're amused by my phail-ness.
(i'm amused by myself too wtf)
Everytime when i try to convince myself i'm witty and intelligent *patsback*
Something has to come and ruin my moment.
Recap of some of my phail moments in 2011.

1. Door problem   
 You can read the previous one. *here* 

A door bell was installed in the hostel more than 2 months ago, 
they did it because they wanted a warning system to tell people in the hostel that there are workers coming into the hostel so please be decently dress (dun walk around clad in towels)
On the other hand i have a friend, who told me that they will lock the hostel doors at midnight so the bell is to notify people in the hostel to open the door for us.
The other day after supper, i walked back into the hostel and found that the door was locked, 
Pressed the doorbell countless times and i know my roomie will be asleep so i did not call her.
I rang the bell until someone peeped out from her room look at the door and 
"boom" slammed back again. 
At that point, you know that i was having all these rage faces. 
I was stuck outside until a good samaritan came to open the door for me.
The first thing she said was,
"Why din you open the door?"
"I was not locked!"

You gotta read my epic story of the craziest bus ride ever.

Speaking of bus,
I was once trying to catch and bus but i was running real late,
The day where i have an industrial visit so i thought exchanging those glasses with a pair of contacts.
I opened my lens case and to my horror one side of my contacts dried (and died) because there was a spill earlier. Le sigh.
Scrambled for an extra pair and found that one side of the NEW pair is broken.
So i ended up wearing one new and one old contacts together.

3. Hey Look!

While i was having a conversation with B, I suddenly spotted a range of toiletries that i used,
The toiletries were at the bottom shelves and i conveniently pointed my leg at that direction.
As soon as i say " HEY LOOK!"

My shoes flung out of my foot.

4. Birthday

This one happened today.
Bought ipod shuffle and give it as a surprise birthday girl for a friend.
When everyone gathered around, i held the ipod at the back so that she wont see it.
3 seconds later. the card and the ribbon fell off onto the ground.

That's all for now. Gotta go sleep. Im going insane studying =(

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