Friday, January 20, 2012

AweSum DimSum

Blogging from Home is definitely better than in Uni..
though this might take a longer time.
Better internet but more distractions. lol
Im finally on holidays! Yayyyy!
I have loads to accomplish this sem break. Although i have not written my goals out but they are definitely in my mind already. Let's just see how determine (and not forgetful) i am to accomplish them.
I'll share more after i accomplish them or get started with them.

"pics or it didnt happen!"

My aunt never fail to bring us to dimsum.
She's sort of like the F&B expert (she works in that field)
Hence, brought us to this amazing dimsum place.

I went to do a facial and now my face looks like the aftermath of a volcano eruption.
Nothing says chinese new year like a big red swollen forehead (face)

Good Night Internet!

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