Thursday, February 2, 2012

Happy Dragon New Year !

It is no fun going through my pictures and have them filtered then transfered out.
Hence i decided to transfer them out first then slowly browse through it again.
Transfering pics take forever.
Oh and i need to have it sorted out into categories too.
By the time im done with it, it has taken half a life outta me. 

Chinese new year on the other hand had my other half life.
I sleep at 3am (at least!) everyday since 22nd on January.
Hahahaa and at this rate i've already landed me arse in
I started my yumcha session at 12.30am #likeaboss.

before i start with CNY pictures
 (truth is i haven filter them)
Here are some photos from le ipad.
*throws bunch of bad quality photos and run!*

 I got new hair =D
No more fringe!

Look at hair. ignore face.

 my bed companions at hostel.

Trying on Jan's new MBP. =D

 Best CNY drink ever.
Each and everyone in the family never fail to pick up one after dinners. (including mom and dad)

 le gfs at my house

gotta go sleep.
i need less black rim round my eyes.
good night internet.

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