Friday, January 13, 2012

Happy New Year Everyone!

Hellooo! I am back after surviving one intense week =D
Progress? 4 Down  1 more to go on next Tuesday!
Just so you know there's nothing wrong with my calendar (or yours), I felt as though my 2012 have just started.
After weeks of not really studying, with new years and christmas and all other stuff (masterchef, pretty little liars) going on.. i seriously don't think i can concentrate much on studying for finals.
But heck i got 4 down now 
and I can hear CHINESE NEW YEAR ANTHEM PLAYING REPEATEDLY in my head alreadyyy!

le sigh.. why everytime the killer subject of the sem have to be last? =.='

Brb. Need to enjoy this awesome weather. 

Good Night Internet.

 Awesome sweater, Y U NO with me now?

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