Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Rolling in 2012

Decides that today isnt going to be productive.
I might as well get more sleep and start my day early tmr.
When i know that i have only 3 hours of sleep last night and do not feel sleepy at all when i woke up,
i know i am very tensed.
Im starting to think i've befriended Iron Man wtf.

I wanted to update but really there's nothing much that is happening right now.
Just Books , Me and Finals.
(Oh! And Chinese New Year awaits!)

ok I lied.
I din wanted to start my first post in 2012, talking bout something bad that had happened.
I mean i should be sharing happy stuff instead right?
While i was rummaging the blog i saw my post back in 2011.
I learnt that,
the start isn't always the easiest, but things do get better. 
You just have to believe in that. =)

If you have followed my posts long enough (or if u have read the above paragraph), you know that i love rummaging through my old posts.
I love reading back what i wrote, altho many does come with a lot of mistakes.
*hand-brain coordination phail*

I really hope you would enjoy reading them as much as i do!
*self-absorbed wtf*

Do leave me comments! I appreciate all of em! 
Perhaps you could also tell me what kind of posts you would like to see/read?

Truth is comments really are a good form of motivation.
Example: I made this post right after i saw Francine's comment in the chatbox.lol.

If you have nothing to say you could just say "Hi?"

Well if you STILL wanna stay discreet it's ok.

I shall end this post by sharing something interesting.

Mcdonald's Collectibles =D


Zwei said...

mini McD!!!!!!! hahaha! adorable betul~ xD

Ainee Cumi said...

Seriously mcd ada gift macam ni sekarang?? Ok gonna ask Apek to belanja me

catherine cheong said...

OMG!!!! Mcdonald's Collectibles eatable????

Ames said...

zwei: Yesyes its a mini version of their past and present product! =)

Ainee: Lol..I dun think they have it. But u could run to nearest McD to see what they have to offer!

Catherine: Unfortunately no. They certainly look YUMMY!